It’s the phrase EVERY woman going through infertility dreams about hearing!

It’s not about peeing on a stick and waiting 5 MINTUES, for us it’s going in for bloodwork early in the morning, and the agony of waiting for the phone call with your results several HOURS later!  Not to mention all you go through just leading up to that Pregnancy Test Day!

It’s the moment you hope for, it’s the phrase that keeps you going through test after test and shot after shot.

I still remember the day I heard those exciting words, like it was yesterday…

After a night of tossing and turning, I woke up, Bill gave me a huge kiss and hug and said to try and remain calm, it was our first IVF cycle, and we had promised each other we wouldn’t get our hopes up TOO high (although we both knew secretly we had).

I had that nervous, anxious feeling in my stomach.  This was the day that I had been patiently waiting for (well maybe not “patiently”), since the transfer surgery!  I went into my doctor’s office early for my bloodwork, wearing my lucky green cat shirt J, but unfortunately no matter how early you go in, you still have to wait for the lab to process the results, and a follow-up phone call later in the afternoon.

I tried to plan a busy day to keep my mind occupied, grab coffee from my favorite spot, fun a few fun errands, and planned a long walk on the lakefront path during the time the doctor would be calling with my results.  No matter what I did though it was apparent I had a life changing result I was waiting for, looming, following me wherever I went.  All my close friends and family who had supported me through this tough time knew that TODAY was THE BIG DAY.

Around 1:30-2pm I headed to the lake, and started walking.  Normally I would be blaring my ipod, but this time I was listening for the sound of my ringer (which I turned to MAX volume) on my phone.  Praying I would get the call sooner than later…and until then, I would WALK!  Every now and then I check my phone to make sure I hadn’t missed a call.  Finally around 2:45pm that afternoon I heard my phone ring…it was FCI, I said “hello” in a nervous voice, and it was my doctor.  He asked how I was doing, and I responded in a broken tone “nervous”, and he said “why??” (and then it felt like the earth stopped, time stood still, until I heard those words) “YOU ARE PREGNANT!”.   I screamed, and immediately starting tearing up!  “I am so excited, REALLY?”  He replied, “YES REALLY!”  He explained my levels, that my HCG levels were at 1200…which was really REALLY strong, like could mean TWINS strong (but he said it was too early to tell).  He said my nurse would call me back later to explain my results further and to set up my next monitoring appointment.  We hung up and I was in a complete state of elation.  I was overwhelmed by emotion and overjoyed, I was trembling.   I remember just walking around for a bit with what must have been the worlds biggest smile on my face!  I immediately called Bill and shared the news!  I had planned to pick him up from work with some sign or some fun way of telling him, but in reality there was no way I could wait!  Then I started calling up all my girlfriends, and my mom and sister-in-law.  Everyone was so excited for us, knew of our struggles, and knew how much this moment meant!

Hearing that phrase “YOU ARE PREGNANT” made every struggle, every obstacle, every questioning moment WORTH IT.