As the holidays approach each year, it’s a time to think about all the things (small and big) we are thankful for!  Sometimes when we are going through a rough patch in our day or in our life, it helps to think about the wonderful things we DO have instead of focusing on the things we DON’T.  I have to admit even this “glass half full girl” has a hard time doing that when it’s one of those days where EVERYTHING is going wrong.

But all it takes is a giggle from my daughter, a kiss from my husband, a purr from one of my cats, to suddenly put me in the greatest mood!  (sure some days it takes a little more, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, some chocolate or all of the above!).  I’ve started keeping little reminders of things that bring me joy on my phone – an inspirational quote, a touching text, or a cute picture that can instantly put a smile on my face!

Smiles and laughter, said to be the best medicine in the world.

So start smiling and laughing as much as you can.  Have a hearty laugh over every amusing situation.  Laugh even at yourself and smile at the simplest pleasures in your life.

With smiles and laughter, your days will become lighter, more joyous and more bearable even on those hay-wired days.  Your smiling face looks much more appealing and beautiful too.

Give away your smiles freely and in abundance. Spread your laughter around as it’s contagious.