Infertility #’s

How many days to get my period: 347 days

How many days in infertility treatment: 342 days

IVF #’s:

14 eggs retrieved, 7 fertilized, 4 of “quality”, 1 – grade 1aa transferred

How many days of shots (sometimes 3/day): 79 days

How many days of progesterone shots: 58 days

How many days of estrogen patches: 28 days

Pregnancy #’s

How many days pregnant: 268 days

Labor #’s:

Contractions started Feb 4, 6am – gave birth Feb 5, 11:59am (almost 29 hrs)

Pushed from 7am – 11:30am (4.5 hrs)

2.5 bags of epidural + 2 syringes of medication

Survived on 1 luna bar, a 1/2 bite of banana nut muffin, and numerous ice chips 🙂