fertility friends

When you are going through a hard time, a good friend is what you need most. It helps if the friend has experienced a similar struggle as you. That is where Fertility Friends comes in, a mentorship program by Shine. It is a matching system that pairs a new member with someone who has successfully completed their fertility journey. This program provides one-on-one support that can help with the day-to-day stresses of fertility treatments and supplements group sessions. It allows the new member a chance to ask personal questions and get support from someone who has experienced similar challenges. Fertility Friends can lend support and guidance to help navigate fertility treatment procedures as well as talk through options. Mentors are sensitive to the new members journey because they can closely relate to their experience. As you travel down the road of infertility you will receive sympathy from many people in your life. However, experiencing true empathy from someone who has lived it can make the journey much easier.

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Interested in having a Mentor?

Are you just starting your fertility journey?

Wish you had someone you could rely on for support throughout your journey?

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