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Shine: A Light on Fertility

Shine is a nonprofit organization that supports women through their fertility journey by providing free mentorship, support and education to empower and promote a proactive approach to fertility and women’s health. 

Shine is a unique community where members come together to support one another while celebrating the successes and battling the challenges of fertility. Its three core programs take a holistic approach to fertility by offering social, emotional and educational support to individuals and couples during their fertility journey. 

  • Shine’s mentorship program, Fertility Friends, pairs a new member with someone who has successfully completed their fertility journey. Mentors provide one-on-one support to individuals or couples, helping to alleviate the emotional, mental and physical stresses associated with infertility, and through compassion and education, empower new members to confront the journey that lies ahead. 
  • Shine’s monthly open forums, Shine Together, provides a safe, comfortable space for participants to share thoughts, ask questions, and learn from the experiences of other members during their journey to fertility. 
  • Shine’s professional seminars and community events, Shine Through, educates participants about women’s health and wellness, and empowers them to become self-advocates during their journey. 

Shine was born from founder Katie O’Connor’s personal journey through infertility. Shine is a unique support community that is the voice and advocate for all affected by fertility challenges. Today, Shine has grown into a dynamic organization that is committed to supporting and improving the well-being of those affected by infertility. Shine maintains partnerships with key reproductive endocrinologists, women’s health professionals, therapists, and wellness, nutrition and holistic health specialists. Together, we’re changing the experience of women who suffer from infertility and providing support to those who need it most. 

Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples, totaling 7 million people, yet over 60% hide the fact that they are struggling with infertility, and only 5% of patients use the psychological support services their clinic offers…You are NOT alone!

It is this silence though that is hurting those trying to overcome infertility. Resolve.org said it perfectly:

Thirty years ago, breast cancer was where infertility is today — women just didn’t talk about it. There weren’t countless support groups, fundraising walks, and an entire month enveloped in pink. Women battling breast cancer did so in silence and, in turn, many felt isolated and ignored. However, now because there is such an international dialogue about the disease, breast cancer receives multi-million-dollar grants each year in research funding and patients are inundated with an outpouring of support and understanding.

A similar movement is desperately needed for infertility. It’s something that needs to start being talked about if individuals going through this difficult time are going to receive the attention, treatment, and support they need.