Dear ďJaneĒ,

I remember what itís like to be struggling with infertility AND have it be Motherís Day. I remember it feeling like torture. Like everywhere you turned there were happy momís and their too cute kids, and you just desperately want to be in that ďclubĒ.

Here are some things to remember as Motherís Day approaches:

  • Itís ok to not do ANYTHING on Motherís Day, trust me your own mom will understand.
  • Itís also ok to literally not leave your house so you donít run into any pregnant women, moms, babies, kids, thatís why they created things like Grub Hub, or send your husband out for food (and wine).
  • Itís ok to totally avoid social media, it can feel like a punishment to surf along and see all the cute pics and gifts.
  • Itís ok to feel like no one understands how you feel, unless theyíve been there, they probably donít.
  • Hug your pets (if you have them) they love you and consider you their furr mom!

Some survival tips:

  • Nothing brightens your spirits like laughter, whatever makes you laugh DO IT!
  • Go see a movie!
  • Go out to dinner with your husband (since everyone else went to brunch)
  • Do something for yourself (a massage, or getting your nails done)
  • If you can, get outta town!

Most importantly, however you feel, remember itís ok!!! You are going through a stressful time, and those feelings are normal, every woman who has walked in your shoes has felt the same way, and you will get through it AND be stronger in the end (promise)!!!


A Woman Who Gets It, Cuz Iíve Been There