Everyday started to feel like that movie Groundhog Day, the same thing over and over. At 6am the alarm would go off, I would get ready, and head to my REs office to get bloodwork or an ultrasound or BOTH, and then wait for the results. Around 3pm, I would get a call from my nurse with my results as well as what meds to take and in what dose, and the process continued. Most of the time the meds meant giving myself injections, either in the abdomen or butt or BOTH (ya fun). It could wear a person down. You start to feel like a science experiment. You forget that life continues around you. But as time goes on you get more immune to the day-to-day and just hope that each day, each monitoring, each medication, gets you a step closer. Any little success, any little positive, reminds you why you are going through all you are going through.