Welcome to the #FeatureFriday where we are


on some of the amazing women in our world!

We started our #FeatureFriday series to highlight some of the amazing women we are honored to know and want the world to know about them too!  Our feature this week is Jasmine Jafferali founder of Healthy Jasmine!  Jasmine was one of the first women I partnered with as I was starting Shine!!  She is an amazing resource for all things “healthy”.  She is an essential oils guru, I love learning from her how to use EO’s to help with daily life, aliments, just about anything!  I am so excited for you all to meet Jasmine and learn more about Healthy Jasmine!

Meet Jasmine 🙂

Tell us a little about you and the mission of Healthy Jasmine

1. The moment I knew I wanted to start Healthy Jasmine?

I was doing a lot of nutrition and health seminars and blogs for various organizations and parenting communities all throughout Chicago. My husband told me I needed to start Twitter to promote my writings. I went to start my account and realized I needed a “Name” for my Twitter handle. In a split second I became Healthy Jasmine and it stuck.  Then someone told me I really needed a website to market myself and it all began…

2. What one project am I most proud of?

I am proud of the many lives I have changed and impacted, that has been my mission since day one. My best project is yet to come…

3. My typical day:

Wake up at 5:30-5:45am: Drink warm lemon water, diffuse essential oils to wake us up, do my 5-min Gratitude Journal and a Bible Devotion.

6am: Make coffee, start breakfast, make lunches and clean up.

7:45am: kids are off on the bus to school.

8am-9am: Exercise, listen to podcasts.

9am-3:30pm: Is my work day and it varies.

10am: is brunch I do some intermittent fasting and won’t eat until this time, but drink bulletproof coffee in the mornings.

4p-8:30p: After school activities, homework dinner, bedtime for kids. I try very hard to tune out during this time. It is important for me and my family to be present with them. It is not perfect, but I don’t answer texts or emails unless it is an emergency or a family member.

8-8:30pm-9:30pm: Usually a conference call or a bit more work.

9:30pm: 30-min Infarred Sauna while watching old episodes of Friends to wind me down and relax. Laughing is good for us and our immunity.


Make my to do list for the next day.

Recap in my 5-min Gratitude Journal.

Diffuse my oils for bedtime.

4. Three words that describe me:




5. People that inspire me:

Dr. Chris Kesser, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dave Aspery, Simon Simek, Mel Robbins, Tiffany Peterson, business coach

6. If I were not in health and wellness..

I think I would be an Interior Designer, I love to decorate and have aspirations for always making my home more warm and inviting. I want all who come to my home to feel at home.

7. A free hour….hmmm….a free hour….a FREE HOUR?!?!

Go for a nature walk or bake. I love to bake!

8. I don’t have much of a music playlist. Music really depends on my mood.

I love me some old school hip hop, or old club/dance music. I also enjoy country music, old and new, 80’s music. heavy metal and everything in between. I will listen to classical music while I work or when eating dinner. The only thing I won’t listen too is rap.

Now my podcasts include: 5AM Miracle, Zig Ziglar, Chalene Johnson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Life Coach School, The Fat-Burning Man Show, The Tim Ferris Show, This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt, Bulletproof Radio.

I’ll listen to podcasts in the car, I’ll time my drive and look for a podcast that will fit that criteria and listen while I drive.

9. Guilty Pleasure is…

cashew cream ice cream and chocolate. Shhh…I like sugar too.

10. Favorite local coffee shop:

Well I love a wonderful cup of coffee. Organic, fair-trade is best. You can taste the difference indeed. I would say La Columbe in the West Loop or Morgan St Cafe

11. Favorite Food that I can’t live without:

Guacamole, I could eat it every single day.

12. Beer, Wine, Cocktails:

Wine: Pinot Noir from Oregon to be exact. Has the highest amounts of resveratrol…so you can have your wine and drink it too.

13. Motivational Quote:

You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and do it courageously. Dr. Steve Maraboli

14. Vacation Spot?

Anywhere tropical and deep blue waters. I am not picky, just take me there.

15. What is next?

Gosh, so much! Right now, I am going under a new website design, launching a newsletter (finally!) and working on solidifying my brand. I am going to host my first wellness retreat in the spring that is out of state and my first online health program in the second half of 2018.


If you want to learn more about Jasmine and Healthy Jasmine, visit www.healthyjasmine.com.