shine fertility board of directors

Mariann Madden, Board of Directors, Vice President

Mariann & her family

I am a mom to two wonderful little boys, married to my college sweetheart, living in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood.  In my spare time I work full time as a human resources strategy consultant where I am an advisor to external clients, organizational leaders, and internal practitioners on global total rewards and organizational development matters.  I struggled with infertility with both my pregnancies and was blessed to have the support of friends and family to help me through my journey.  This is why Shine is such an important organization for me to contribute to and be a part of.


Erin McDaniel, Board of Directors, Director of Support Services

Erin McDaniel

Erin McDaniel is a fertility coach, wife, and mom to two young boys. A six-time IVF “survivor,” she founded My Fertility Coach ( to help other women on a similar journey find their personal combination of support that will enhance their fertility and family building efforts. Along her journey, she learned many, many things including spirulina tastes horrible (but it seemed to help), she can live without coffee, taking time for herself was critical – not selfish, and hope comes in many forms. She lives in Chicago, loves to read, run, play football and dinosaurs, and stay on top of the ever-changing restaurant scene in her beautiful city.


Katie DeGrazia, Board of Directors, Director of Fundraising

Katie & her family

Having six children was always my dream…but not in the cards.  Our family includes, my husband Raymond, three year old daughter, Philomena and sweet dog Lola.  We live in Woodridge, where I work from home as a Men’s Stylist.  We have traveled our infertility journey our entire marriage, and continue as we work to have a second child.  Shine has been an incredible resource of woman and information for me this entire journey.  I am so honored to have joined the board to contribute back and support others.


Poonam Bhargava, Board of Directors, Director of Business Oversight

Poonam and her family





I am grateful for and cherish my 4-year-old daughter, who was born via IVF in 2013.  I love sharing my fertility journey with others, and having the opportunity to be open and honest about my family history of infertility, endometriosis, and multiple IVF cycles. My own struggles have allowed me to realize the importance and necessity of Shine’s mission to support women through their fertility journeys. Empowering and educating women to take a proactive approach to their fertility, as well as bringing infertility to the forefront of women’s health is a passion of mine. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing organization.  #ShineALightOnFertility


Ivana Sieroslawski, Board of Directors, Director of Mentorship Program

Ivana and her family

I experienced many highs and lows on my fertility journey. The greatest highs being the birth of my son in 2014 and then learning we were expecting again in 2018. I have realized that this journey can take such a toll on our mind, spirit, and all around health, so having a strong support system is a must. Where I was truly lucky enough to be surrounded by loving family and friends during these years, I discovered I needed more. Infertility is about so much more than the medical process. Women like us need to know that they have someone who can listen, understand, and help them through these trying times, as well as celebrate their triumphs, both big and small. I fell in love with Shine and everything it stands for because its mission is to do just that, and I am honored to be part of an organization that offers hope, strength, and education to women just like us. 


Courtney Marincsin, General Counsel

Courtney Marincsin, Board of Directors, Secretary

Courtney & her son

I am a native Chicagoan raising my rambunctious young son on the northwest side of Chicago with my amazing husband and phenomenal Pomeranian.  I am a lawyer by trade and currently consult part time for my law firm.  I have litigated mass tort, False Claims Act, aviation and med mal cases nationally, achieving multi-million dollar verdicts for my clients.  By night I am a yoga and spin instructor, with my true love being running (besides it being my husband). I don’t understand the word “no” so when I experienced infertility I just told it that I am a force to be reckoned with.  Having a team to work through problems with is an invaluable tool, i.e. in the legal world and the familial one.  That’s why I think that organizing Shine and helping it to grow is important- so that we can be that team and sounding board for those who need it while going through the dark period that is infertility.