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Mission Statement

Inspiring fertility empowerment by sharing the journey.

Vision Statement

Shine supports women through mentorship, community and education. We empower women by encouraging a proactive approach to fertility health and fertility preservation.

Approach and Action

Shine is a unique community where members come together to support one another while celebrating the successes and battling the challenges of fertility. Our three core programs take a holistic approach to fertility by offering social, emotional and educational support to individuals and couples during their fertility journey.

  • Shine’s mentorship program, Fertility Friends, pairs a new member with someone who has successfully completed their fertility journey. Mentors provide one-on-one support to individuals or couples, helping to alleviate the emotional, mental and physical stresses associated with infertility. 

  • Shine’s monthly support sessions, Shine Together, offered in-person and virtually, provide a safe, comfortable space for participants to share thoughts, ask questions, and learn from the experiences of other members during their fertility journey.

  • Shine’s professional seminars and community events, Shine Bright, educate participants about women’s health and wellness, and empower them to become self-advocates for their fertility health.