By Helen Denise

After graduating from college, I focused on working with women. I’ve heard many of their stories but noticed that one key issue and theme kept coming up. “Can I become pregnant today?” “Is today a safe day not to get pregnant?” “When can I get pregnant?” “Am I pregnant?” What most women don’t realize is that the key to unlock their personal secret fertility code is……….in their saliva.

We women spend hundreds of dollars every year buying dozen of disposable urine ovulation or pregnancy tests and peeing on a stick. Women are unaware they have an easy to use, affordable, less messy, more advanced alternative readily available. Welcome to the 21st Century. Are you ready for a change?

Personally, I have always been afraid to use any birth control pills because of all the side effects. I remember constantly doing calculations and desperately waiting each time with my fingers crossed for my menstrual period to arrive. Each period delay came at a cost to my nerves (anxiety and stress) and wallet (I lost count of all the money I spent). But the most significant fact is that I would buy and use pregnancy test and in the next few days, my period would show up. Wow!! Unbelievable. Did I subconsciously delay my period because of all the nerves? The same thing may be happening with women who want to become pregnant. After unsuccessful attempts to have a baby, is all the stress making the situation worse?

Ovulation cycles may last 5-8 days. You can increase your chances to conceive by knowing your cycle. Sperm can remain alive inside your body for 2-3 days before ovulation occurs and one day after. Many women mislead themselves about their fertility by checking ovulation at the wrong time. Ovulation CAN OCCUR AT ANY TIME even during your menstrual cycle. Sometimes it even happens twice in a month! Knowing your unique ovulation cycle is critical and is the best way for natural family planning.

Why is it so important to know your ovulation cycle?

  1. To visit a doctor before it’s too late. For some women, problems with conceiving can be prevented if they find out about health problems in time and get treatment.
  1. To know when conception is most likely. It will reduce stress and eliminate any surprise that you cannot conceive right away. After age 27, many women do not ovulate every month and sometimes it’s difficult to catch your ovulation cycle. Unfortunately, most women assume that a regular menstrual cycle is a sign they can conceive right away when this is not always the case.
  1. Use tracking your ovulation cycle in addition to all methods of contraception. The American Medical Association (AMA) Home Medical Encyclopedia’s discussion on “ovulation”, shows that “Some forms of contraception (see Contraception, periodic abstinence) are based on predicting when ovulation occurs each month and avoiding sexual intercourse at the time”.
  1. Gain control of your life by programming activity around your ovulation. It’s known that on ovulation days, women can feel and behave differently because of changes in their body. With this knowledge, you can better plan your activities.  

You can definitely benefit by having accurate knowledge about your ovulation cycle.

  1. Discover any irregularity in time.
  2. Avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  3. Increase the chance to conceive.
  4. Have a natural healthy way of family planning.
  5. Avoid taking unnecessary drugs.

Now, there’s a convenient, quick, easy way to test your ovulation and save money. Just testing a drop of your saliva daily can answer your question of “When?” This will turn any guesswork into an accurate daily calendar of your personal ovulation cycle. Visit to learn more.


About Helen Denise

Helen is a fertility advocator. She is on a mission to reach women trying to conceive or searching for a natural family planning solution, and give them a tool to understand their unique ovulation cycle. Helen passionately believes women need to know that with the right information, they have the power to control their fertility, naturally expedite the conception process or identify the right time to ask a doctor for help.

With this in mind, Helen founded KNOWHEN®, the only Saliva Ovulation Test to include a free Personal Fertility Monitor App. It’s designed to assist women in tracking their ovulation results from puberty to menopause. The KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test is easy to use and reusable daily while lasting years. It answers important questions about the secret and unique fertility code of a woman’s body in a few minutes, with just one drop of saliva. When used daily, there’s no need to guess about fertility as the App allows women to quickly record and track test results.